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Taste the bright side of life

Add a taste of sunshine to your day with our fresh and feel-good dairy products. We put a lot of love into every Yoplait product, bringing families across Canada together so they can connect, share and savour every delicious moment along the way.

Woman eating raspberries off her fingertips

We believe in life’s simple pleasures, like our delicious dairy products filled with goodness.

Little girl eating a bowl of cereal

Every Yoplait yogurt is made with quality Canadian milk and cultures, making it simple to eat well every day.

Smiling adults in the rain

Happiness is feeling good inside and out. So, grab a spoon and take a big bite of joy, and cherish each moment with the ones you love.

Our little flower wordmark graphic.

The Yoplait Story

Small dairy farmers with a big dream

The Yoplait story started in 1965, when a group of 10,000 farmers from six dairy co-ops came together to create something special. With a shared love of yogurt and a fresh vision for the future, the two leading co-ops—Yola and Coplait—joined cows and forces, and the Yoplait brand was born, soon created the world’s first fruit yogurt.

Crossing the pond to Canada

Canada’s love affair with Yoplait began in 1971. Families across the country instantly fell for the brand’s deliciously healthy dairy products and classic French traditions. Today, Yoplait is as committed as ever to making great-tasting yogurts filled to the brim with goodness.

Delicious is in bloom

Our little flower logo has been blooming since 1965, with its six petals representing the six original dairy farmer co-ops. The artist who designed it chose the flower because, just like Yoplait, it is a symbol of nature, goodness and pure freshness.

Girl under fruit tree grasping trunk