Helps Build Strong Bones

Specially formulated for kids with calcium and vitamin D

At Yoplait, we believe that growing kids need strong bones. Our dairy products are specially formulated for children with calcium and vitamin D to help promote bone health. We only get one chance to build strong bones – and that’s when we are kids! Yoplait is proud to help kids grow up strong and be a part of making every family a stronger one.


Fuel your day with this on-the-go drinkable yogurt made with no artificial colours or flavours! Available in 8 different flavours!

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Squeeze more fun into your kids day with Tubes! Your kids will love slurping these Tubes flat – no mess, no spoon required!

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This tasty blend of fresh cheese and real fruit puree is a good source of calcium and a source of vitamin D!

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Mini Yop

Made with whole milk and 30% less sugar than our regular Yop– maximum kid fun with no compromise on nutrition!

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Yoplait Growth Chart

Growth chart

Use our growth chart to see how quickly your kids are growing. It’s time to measure!

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